Vet Makes Troubling Find On Local Restaurant Receipt, Calls Police (Photo)

Doug Woodward and his wife were overcharged multiple times at Texas Roadhouse in Colorado Springs. At first he didn’t think much of it. Then, the next time they returned, it happened again. The couple now knowing something was off asked to speak to a manager, who discovered that a server had altered the tip amount.

After the second incident, Woodward and his wife made the decision to stay away from that particular Texas Roadhouse location.

The a year later, Woodward thought he’d give the location another try and was stunned when the same thing happened.

“I think the odds of being struck by lightning are probably better than this happening to the same person three times at Texas Roadhouse,” Woodward told KXRM .

This time on the third visit the two treated another couple to dinner. The total bill was $105.01. Woodward’s wife tipped $10, for a total of $115.01. When she checked her bank statement, however, she saw that her new total was $123.01. The server had changed to tip to $18.
The couple spoke to the location’s manager, who found a copy of the merchant receipt. That’s when they saw what happened.

“Clearly there was a small zero added to the zero here and a straight line drawn through the 5 to try to make that appear to be an 8,” Woodward said.

“For her to show us the actual receipt that had been changed, that’s the smoking gun,” Woodward added. “You can’t deny that it was changed.”

Being a disabled veteran and living on a fixed income. Woodward says that an extra $8 can be a big blow. He says the biggest blow, however, is that the server knew that he and one of his guests were veterans and that they changed the numbers and lied.

“We are on a budget like no one’s business,” Woodward said. “For us to do this, that was huge and for her to take advantage of us like that and we even told her that we were vets. We asked about the military discount and so she knew that we were vets.”

He then goes on to say that if this has happened to him on three separate occasions there are likely many other victims from the restaurant.

“There’s no way on earth I was the only victim,” he said. “I think a lot of people need to check their receipts and I think there’s going to be a lot of angry people.”

After investigating the situation the managers of the Texas Roadhouse told KXRM,they fired the employee responsible and refunded the full amount of Woodward’s bill. While Woodward says he appreciates the gesture, he will not be returning to the restaurant.

According to The Restaurant Technology Guys, this is a common way for servers to steal tips. Some others include double charging for sodas and transferring it to a tip fund, a quick overcharge for cash customers on a particular item, and even eliminating low-dollar items like sodas from the check in hopes the patrons will notice and tip bigger. No matter which method is used, stealing always costs somebody money.

Sources: KXRM, The Restaurant Technology Guys